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  • Welcome to the virtual stadium of the Palestinian Consulting and Marketing Team – Pal Team – Get ready!

  • Our team creates ideas, designs excellence, inspires passion, and continues to learn and grow for your project to take the lead.

  • We offer creative ideas to make your work a success and achieve prosperity.

  • The more your brand is widened, The better competitive features and entrepreneurship you will achieve.

As a beehive, we employ our creativity and passion to help our customers and institutions of sustainable growth through solid values, creative administration, and effective strategy.


One of our priceless assets.. a huge domain for asking questions and employing imagination and innovation to solve problems ..

Design of

We will always do our best to perform our tasks until we achieve the distinguished results with the best solutions ..


Our love to work gives us a magic energy that makes us always up to our customers' expectations and fulfill their satisfaction.

Learning &

We always try to learn, and in each experience, we see a chance and motivation to achieve more

Do not hesitate to ask more questions and be not afraid to think of the unfamiliar issues ..yesterday's solutions are not proper for today's problems and unable to face tomorrow's challenges .. be sure most of creative ideas are triggered by craziness and directed by the mind ..

Ma'moun Rashed, CEO. PALTEAM


As a beehive, we are committed to precise and strenuous work to achieve the added value of medium and micro projects owners and Institutions of civil society through innovating a mixture of the best marketing and consultancy services solutions in accordance with the highest quality standards that supersedes their expectations and enhances their competitions. This will be achieved by employing the latest techniques, experiences, and skills of our specialized team and skillful crews within a supportive environment that encourages the exchange of experiences and assists our customers achieving the success to their organizations and achieve a touchable and impacting sustainable growth.


We aim to be a pioneering team in marketing and consultancy in the Palestinian market, and the Middle East.

This visions seems ambitious, however, we are not afraid of failure.

We do not sit idle waiting for directions,on the contrary, we take the lead and inspiration towards continuous improvement and learning what is new.

Where do see ourselves in the next 10 years? Simply: smarter, bigger, leaders, innovative, and tech- marketers.

There is two ways to have the highest building .. you either destroy all buildings around you or build them higher than others..

we choose to establish higher buildings.


At PalTeam, our leadership is represented in a wide collection of experience and entrepreneurship: precise and strenuous work

For our mixture of services, we have two sections: consultancy that fulfills the requirements of building and assessing a project based on proper scientific basis, marketing: modern and effective tools to expand the reputation of your Brand.



strategic planning, feasibility studies, projects proposals, Business Re-engineering, procedural evidences.



specialized professional training based on accurate needs- analysis to deepen knowledge and masker the skill.


Surveys &

scientific and objective tools to measure the institutional performance, customers' satisfaction, and market-field studies.



employing modern communications skills to improve the image, networking, exhibitions, and promotion campaigns.



establish and develop the proper content (written, audio, visual) of the internet pages and social communication websites.


Branding &

creating and innovating trademark and carry out all types of paper and digital printing in accordance with the highest standards.


Signage &

designs that reflect your trademark and adds aesthetic appearance to your work within the specifications and standards of high quality.



a large collection of gifts and uniform using silk printing, sublimation, and embroidery.

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